Annular Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Viewing:

This event was held in my secondary school, "School of Science and Technology, Singapore", where teachers and students are able to view the Solar Eclipse on the school's roof. The main objective of this event is to educate both students and teachers about what is a solar eclipse, how it occurs and when it occurs.

The following are some pictures captured during the event.

The main teacher of SST's Astronomy Club CCA, Mr Tan Hoe Teck, presenting about the solar eclipse in the school's Indoor Sports Hall.

SST Students are using solar viewers to view the solar eclipse. Looking through this solar viewers make it safe to look at the solar eclipse. The viewer is a piece of styrofoam board with a piece of mylar in the middle to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the viewer's eyes.

This is an image of a SST Student using a mini solar viewer to observe the solar eclipse. It is similar to the bigger solar viewer.

This is a SST Astronomy Club member wearing the CCA's shirt giving a presentation about the Solar Eclipse after the viewing in the student's classroom.

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