Gelang Patah Retreat (4th - 6th November)

This trip was held on the 4th November 2016 till 6th November 2016, a 3 days 2 nights trip. This took place at Gelang Patah, Malaysia, at one of Mr Tan's apartment. Our objective of this trip was to observe the stars when it was night time.

We were tasked to clean up the apartment during the first day after buying the supplies. A problem faced every time when we were planning to observe was that it was very cloudy, one time even raining, making it unable to observe anything clearly.

The following pictures were took during the trip:

4th November 2016:

This is a picture of two students buying food and water for the trip.

This is picture of Mr Tan giving a speech to all the students.

Picture of some students having a meal at the apartment.

This is a picture of students setting up the telescopes to observe the stars.

5th November 2016:

Picture of students discussing plans for Astronomy Club 2017.

Group photo taken at the public facility of the place.

Picture of students purchasing items at the convenient store nearby.


Picture of students about to watch the movie Gravity since it was raining during observation.

6th November 2016:

Picture of students after last day shopping at a mall.

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