Mersing Trip (11th - 13th March)

This trip was held on the 11th March 2016 till 13th March 2016, a 3 days 2 night trip. The location was Mersing, Malaysia and most of the Astronomy Club's members were invited to go for this trip. We arrived at Mersing close to midnight and was around a 5 hour trip.

The objective if this trip is to observe the sun using a solar telescope during the day while observing the celestial objects during the night. Mersing was the ideal location as it has lower light pollution, which allows us to observe more celestial objects.

However, a difficulty was that there were many clouds when we were observing, making it very hard to observe and taking pictures.

The following are pictures captured during the trip.

11th March 2016:

This is a picture taken while SST Astronomy Club members are observing the celestial objects at night.

12th March 2016:

This is a picture of the setup of the sun telescopes to observe the sun during the day.

This is an image of SST's Astronomy Club member watching The Martian movie in a hotel room.

13th March 2016:

Group photo taken at the hotel's lobby.

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